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Nipah Virus: Symptoms, prevention, treatment of the infection

The Nipah virus (NiV) has claimed 16 lives, including a nurse who left a heartbreaking note to her family, in Kerala. A fresh case has been tested positive to the infection, and many have been quarantined. In recent news, there have been speculations that a 27-year-old soldier from Kerala also succumbed to the virus in Kolkata after Nipah-like symptoms.

From acute respiratory syndrome to fatal encephalitis, the infection can cause severe complications in humans, and can also affect ce ..

Facial Features and Genes

With the hospital founder as a leading cardiac surgeon, MedicPress has been able to establish itself as the ultimate destination for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of all kinds of heart and vascular diseases and their treatment. Here, almost all types of cardiovascular disorders are treated including coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, heart muscle disease, heart failure, heart valve disease, peripheral vascular disease and all kind of defects.

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Why is Smoking Bad For Your Teeth?

At MedicPress, we provide excellent pediatric care to children in the city and adjacent areas for about half a century now. Our medical care extends to infant, children, and adolescents. Built on a foundation of caring, expert knowledge and accessibility, we have the right size to give proper attention to both parents and children which are something that they need as well as deserve.

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