Internship Training Program

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 HTSS Society is therefore very happy to introduce a focussed internship training program in the preliminary level in medical technology. This training is designed for those who have a real interest in  building a career in biomedical engineering. The internship work will be allotted in specific areas of medical technologies, such as maintenance, research, software etc. according to the specific interest of the candidate.  The training program will  provide real-timework experience to the candidate enabling them to build up a bright future in this sector. As in all fields the co-operation and hard work of the candidate is very mandatory  for the successful completion of the training program.


  • Establish the fundamental principles of engineering science that apply to the bio-medical field.
  • Provide advanced theoretical and hands-on training for quality knowledge in biomedical engineering.
  • Introduce Information Technology tools and services.
  • Build business development strategies and field experience.
  • Development of communication skills and interpersonal relationship. 


  • The aspirant should have a sincere desire t to build a career in biomedical engineering.
  • ITI/ Diploma / Degree in Biomedical /Electronics/ Electrical/Instrumentation Engineering.

Duration: 3 months


  • Course Fee: Rs. 1250/- for HTSS Society members and Rs. 2500/- for non-members. The fee needs to  be remitted only after the selection process.  Candidates may register their names without remitting any fee in the HTSS portal, pending selection.
  • A Refundable Caution Deposit of Rs. 5000/- needs to be remitted for covering incidental expenses, during  the field assignments.
  • Any other type of direct/indirect expenses related to the on-the-job training should be borne by the candidate during the training period.
  • Travelling allowances and accommodation will be provided for outstation assignments (other than home district), if any.    
  • Basic tool kit should be brought by the candidate.
  • Liability, if any, made by the candidate will be deducted from the Caution Deposit.


Stipend may be granted to selected candidates during the 3rd month only. The Society has the sole right to select the stipendiary candidates and the stipend amount.

Program details

The internship training is a combination of online theory & practical sessions and on-the job training. The entire program will be conducted in association with the members and associated companies/organisations of HTSS Society. Assignments/field work will be based on the client requirements of the specific company.  The training program is scheduled under the following modes.

  • Online theory and practical sessions.
  • Direct practical sessions (in selected areas only)
  • Individual assignments.
  • Hospital visits and field maintenance trips.
  • Sales support and promotional activities.

Online Sessions: 48 Hours (4 hours in a week)
Assignments:  6 assignments (2 assignments in a month)
Work report: 12 reports (Weekly work report)

Areas of Specialisation

  • Medical equipment Sales & Service
  • Research orientation in Biomedical Engineering
  • Medical Informatics – Software Development.
  • Medical Informatics – Electronic Health Record
  • Bio-signal processing / Medical Imaging
  • Bio-informatics
  • Medical Documentation
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program
  • Hospital Safety Systems & Services
  • Hospital Accreditation

The candidate should select any one of the above categories for the on-the-job training assignments.


Certificate of Internship training will be provided to the candidate who have successfully undergone the complete program. The HTSS Society will strictly adhere to the following criteria for the issuance of Internship certificate.

  • Minimum 75% attendance
  • 6 assignments
  • 12 work reports
  • Online evaluation

The required documents should be promptly submitted.

Selection process

The selection will be based on the academic background and a personal interview (online only) with the candidate. The HTSS Society has the sole right to select a particular candidate for a specific training program, based on the current requirement of the society or its affiliates.  

  • Those who are interested may complete  their online registration in the society portal.
  • The candidate should attend the personal online interview at the stipulated time, which will be informed by email.
  • The course fee need  be remitted only after getting the selection confirmation mail from the HTSS society. 

Placement Assistance
Selected candidates will be recommended for placement to the associates and referral companies of HTSS Society. This will be purely based on the acquired knowledge, skill and hard work of the candidate exhibited during the course period. HTSS Society does not provide any assurance for further placement to the candidates.

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