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HTSS Society is very happy to offer the following services to hospitals and other healthcare organisations.

  1. Consultancy for Hospital Design and Construction
  2. Consultancy for procurement of equipment and engineering systems.
  3. Maintenance and Management of medical equipment
  4. Guaranteed supply of medical devices and accessories
  5. Testing and calibration
  6. Hospital Information System
  7. Management of Patient Database
  8. Digitization of patient records
  9. Telemedicine Systems and solutions
  10. Website/ Portal design, hosting and maintenance
  11. Green Energy for Hospitals
  12. Hospital Facility Management
  13. Implementation of Hospital Safety Systems
  14. Consultancy for Hospital Accreditation
  15. Training on healthcare technology systems and services
  16. Medical devices: Need based design and development
  17. Mobile Application: Need based mobile applications in Healthcare
  18. Supply of quality equipments and accessories




HTSS Society offers the following schemes for hospitals and other healthcare organisations.


We are proudly introduce our scheme for caring the biomedical engineering department and entire medical equipment in the hospital complex.  HTSS will undertake all your needs related to healthcare technology. We will assist you for confirming your needs, finalization of technical and financial specifications, procurement procedures, commissioning & training, repair and maintenance etc. in addition to the routine administrative procedures of Biomedical/ Clinical Engineering department. HTSS, itself, will act as the Engineering division of your hospital.

Free user licence will be provided for accessing the software [Clinical Engineering Maintenance Management Software – CEMMS] for managing the engineering related activities of the hospital.

We assure the following services under this scheme

  1. Consultancy service for preparing technical & financial specification of hospital equipment on your specific need.
  2. Cloud based inventory management
  3. Cloud based service management.
  4. Individual QR coded sticker will be fixed on each equipment.
  5. QR code based equipment tracking system.
  6. Warranty management
  7. Preventive maintenance of all equipment.
  8. Annual maintenance contract of selected equipment.
  9. Management of Electrical Systems in the Hospital
  10. Management of Hospital Gas Systems
  11. Calibration of medical equipment
  12. Assistance for accreditation procedures
  13. Monitoring of hospital safety.
  14. 365x7x24 based ON CALL service of Biomedical Engineer


  1. To save the cost of running the biomedical engineering department.
  2. To save the cost of purchasing unnecessary equipment.
  3. Getting most optimum equipment on needs.
  4. Reduce the downtime of equipment.
  5. General Technical and Managerial support for running the hospital.
  6. Free licence for using the asset management software.
  7. Free licence for using the maintenance management software.
  8. All service calls can be registered in the software
  9. Leased equipment service for necessary cases.



Clinical Engineering Maintenance Management Software [CEMMS]

Salient features

  • Strictly based on the guidelines of WHO.
  • Satisfying the medical standards specified by Govt. of India
  • Comprehensive inventory Management for Clinical Engg. Dept.
  • Comprehensive user management
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Print label stickers for tag your Equipment, with QR code facility
  • Spare parts based inventory management
  • Work flow monitoring and analysis
  • Maintenance contract management
  • In-house project monitoring
  • Equipment life cycle management
  • Online complaint management
  • Email/SMS alert facility.
  • Equipment tracking and monitoring
  • Preventive maintenance schedule
  • Equipment history analysis
  • Customized report generation
  • Customized search facility
  • Calibration record management
  • Safety analysis and recording
  • Equipment Insurance
  • Service cost analysis
  • Developed using open source Technology.




The high cost of equipmets have a major role in the increased treatment cost. HTSS society promotes the products being manufactured by our members and partners all over the nation. The products which have undergone HTSS Testing & Certification procedures will be distributed by the society.

The society ensures the quality, warranty and aftersales support of all equipments and accessories being distributed through our channel. Please visit our web site for our products categories and other details.