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We have software systems and solutions in the following areas

  • Hospital Management Information System
  • Asset management and Maintenance Management
  • Digitization of Medical Records
  • Online appointment and Teleconsultation
  • College Management Solutions
  • Palliative assistance

Clinical Engineering Maintenance Management Software [CEMMS]

  • Strictly based on the guidelines of WHO.
  • Satisfying the medical standards specified by Govt. of India
  • Comprehensive inventory Management for CE Dept.
  • Comprehensive user management
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Print label stickers for tag your Equipments, with barcode facility
  • Spare parts based inventory management
  • Work flow monitoring and analysis
  • Maintenance contract management
  • In-house project monitoring
  • Equipment life cycle management
  • Online complaint management
  • Email/SMS alert facility.
  • Equipment tracking and monitoring
  • Preventive maintenance schedule
  • Equipment history analysis
  • Customized report generation
  • Customized search facility
  • Calibration record management
  • Safety analysis and recording
  • Equipment Insurance
  • Service cost analysis
  • Developed using open source Technology

Integrated Campus Management and Learning Solution [I-CAMPUS]

  • Strictly based on the regulations of Indian Universities.
  • Satisfying the national accreditation criteria in education.
  • Student admission process initiating from the screening test.
  • Examination and Certification modules are incorporated.
  • Comprehensive Learning Management System.
  • Intra-college and inter-college communication system.
  • Mobile application support.
  • Separate log in facility for parents.
  • Provision for delivering course content to students.
  • Monitoring the progress of online learning.
  • Customized report generation
  • Internal examination module
  • Certification facility for extracurricular activities
  • Library Management system
  • Placement control and monitoring
  • Comprehensive user management
  • Staff work flow monitoring and analysis
  • Student project monitoring
  • Email/SMS alert facility.
  • Developed using open source Technology